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MIT Bodhi Vidhyalaya Senior Secondary School

MIT Bodhi Vidhyalaya Senior Secondary School offers curriculum within a framework of well researched Indian and International pedagogies that emphasize experiential learning.
Children have to be educated. But they also have to be left to educate themselves. Children are the world’s most valuable resource and it’s best hope for the future. We cannot make children study, we can only guide them. This is the main motto followed in our vidhyalaya, so that children enjoy their learning.

At MIT Bodhi Vidhyalaya Senior Secondary School, we not only ensure academic excellence but our team also works towards overall development of the kid. We ensure proper physical, psychological, social and cultural growth of the student by inculcating good habits and healthy mind set. The quality and quantity that students imbibe from our vidhyalaya is not only reflected in their grades, but also shows in their self confidence that is reflected throughout their lives. All this is possible only because of highly qualified faculty which is backed up by amazing curriculum of international standards.

Our campus is spread over 3 acres of land where we have given utmost importance to nature by making sure there is adequate greenery because of which our environment is pollution free which ensures stress free learning environment.

Our campus is fully equipped with smart classes, computer lab, science lab and maths lab. We ensure the safety of our students. Our whole campus is under CCTV surveillance and Wi-Fi enabled.

We ensure the physical development of our students by providing them various indoor and outdoor games.

Our student teacher ratio is limited to 1: 30 so that we ensure individual child concentration. We offer scholarships to meritorious students in order to further encourage them to fly high. Not only this, we also provide preparation and remedial classes for extra support to make sure each and every child achieves their best.

Apart from education we give equal importance to extra curricular activities such as Archery, music, dance, keyboard, chess, Art, yoga, karate etc..

We provide transport facility in the radius of 40km for easy commuting of students from nook and corner to step forward, get educated and achieve their dreams.

We know that by educating today’s kids we are building a foundation for a better future. We are nurturing the future leaders of nation and global citizens who will be ready to face the challenges of the emerging modern world once they leave our institutions.

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